I passed the Microsoft 70-778 Exam (Power BI Exam)!

Published by Thomas foster on

So I just took the 70-778 exam online, and I passed! I obviously can’t say what was on the exam but I will say a few thoughts I had about the preparation for and process of doing the exam itself.

In terms of preparation 80-90% of what prepared me was my experience with the Power BI. This isn’t a quick way to learn but it is the best and there is no substitute for it. I did buy the accopianing book by¬†Daniil Maslyuk, which did help for some of the areas I wasn’t very experienced with. For example loading excel workbooks into the service or the administrative side of Power BI. The final piece of preparation that I found useful is a quiz that was made by Rishi Sapra. It has similar questions to what the exam contains. It is a bit out of date now, but it is still worth doing at least once.

As for the exam itself, I chose to do it proctored online as the test centers near me were not open at weekends. It was a very good experience and I would highly recommend it. As doing it at home is a bit more relaxed however you do have to make sure that you will not be disturbed while doing the exam. 

The next step is to do the 70-779 exam so that I can get the BI Reporting MCSA. If you have any questions please ask however there is only so much I can say regarding the actual exam questions.

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